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Kindle eBook of Claimed

Kindle eBook of Claimed



Fourteen-year-old, Colorado juvenile delinquent Mackenzie Lynn Stonebreaker doesn’t do horses. But the volunteer gig at Hunter’s Moon Ranch has its perks. With cold, hard cash she lifts from its boarding fund, Mac’s poised for escape to search for her birth mom when an Arabian mare named Bella is viciously struck by a shotgun blast. Alive and talking—well, telepathically only to Mac—the horse begs for her help. Talking to horses totally freaks Mac out. But leaving Bella and her colt Raider isn’t an option. Ditching her plans for now, Mac becomes a modern-day Dr. Doolittle, looking for justice. Only Mac tends to act first and ask questions later. When her protective instinct for the horses gets in the way of her good sense, Mac finds herself, once again, on the other side of the law. Dodging a return trip to juvie, thanks to the ranch owner’s partner Dr. Rachel Hunter, Mac is now in the pediatrician’s custody and living a life she could only dream. With newfound friendships, the gift of gab with two quirky horses, her first kiss, and a chance at that family she’s always wanted, she can’t quite let go of one thing.

Keepsake Necklace Inspired by heroine Mac Stonebreaker

Keepsake Necklace Inspired by heroine Mac Stonebreaker

Abandoned and unloved by her mother, Mac wants to know why. But sleuthing for answers puts Mac on a collision course with the past—one that will shatter everything she believes in about herself and those she’s come to love and trust at Hunter’s Moon. Mac just may find that what she’s been looking for her whole life is the exact opposite of what she will get.  



My father was a glazier for the union. A working stiff doing his best to give his family a middle class lifestyle—secretly knowing they were living way beyond his weekly paycheck. I was eleven and the oldest of five when I figured out the IOUs my mother hung with care on the family Christmas tree that year—as opposed to Santa’s tree, which was downstairs—meant things weren’t so rosy and bright after all.

But what my dad lacked in income he made up for in heart. And it’s those fond memories of my childhood and my parents’ struggle for the American dream that has me standing in front of the TV today, cheering like a mad woman for a horse named California Chrome and his Thoroughbred racing team of average Joes grasping at the trifecta of horse races—The Triple Crown.

I don’t own a horse, but I write about them and the ones who treasure their beauty and strength.  I guess I’m just a sucker for a good story with a cast of characters that pull at your heartstrings. But nothing can compare to a true-life story like California Chrome’s with his flashy white blaze and chestnut-colored hide that’s been tearing up the track from The Bluegrass State of Kentucky to The Old Line State of Maryland.

Credit: William Spencer, The Frozen Race 2, Flickr, March 10, 2012

Credit: William Spencer, The Frozen Race 2, Flickr, March 10, 2012

A horse minus the usual glittering pedigree, middle-class folks who own him, and a trainer well past his prime make up this improbable winning team that has stolen my heart and those who can’t get enough of this Cinderella story.

We have all suffered defeat and even rejection and can find common ground with this Thoroughbred racing team affectionately dubbed Dumb Ass Partners by co-owner Perry Martin. The Thoroughbred racing world laughed them off the track when they spent a cool eight thousand for a dam named Love the Chase and bred her to sire Lucky Pulpit, which they paid a quick two thousand for. But what they got in return was a gorgeous colt named California Chrome. They believed in his bloodlines—they believed in him and a trainer who has a true appreciation for horses and a hands-on approach to training.

Whether they win or lose the Triple Crown, they have achieved something far greater. They are an example of what hard work, determination, and heart will get you in a world full of hard knocks. They have given America and the world a sweetheart racing team of underdogs that puts the world on notice: You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

It is my dad that I am reminded of today and my own struggles as we grow closer to the final jewel of the Triple Crown—the Belmont Stakes—and Father’s Day. It was my dad with his quick humor and I’ll-always-believe-in-you attitude that kept me focused on my own dream of becoming a writer.

My Dad serving up homemade lasagna My Dad serving up lasagna during my Relentless book launch party

My Dad serving up homemade lasagna during my Relentless book launch party

You’re my biggest fan, Dad!

And it is because of this average Joe—and that’s really his name—and his belief that you  can grasp for the stars and hold your destiny in your hands that I am the published author and educator of the written word that I am today.

Everyone’s story is different, but there’s a little California Chrome in all of us.

So let’s celebrate our individuality and the things that make us all the same—like rooting for a longshot and his band of dreamers that just might prove to be the next Triple Crown winner in over thirty years.

To the jockeys and their trusted steeds—be swift, be alert, and, above all else, be safe during the last leg of this historical American race known as the Triple Crown.

Love To The Rescue

Welcome Brenda Sinclair!

Brenda, please tell us about yourself.

Thank you for having me visit today. I live with my husband and a Bichon Shih Tzu cross named Kelly in Calgary, Canada.  I’m the mother of two grown sons and I adore my three grandchildren. I write contemporary and western historical romance.

Tell us something about your book.

Love To The Rescue is a contemporary romance about a city police officer and a romance writer who meet during a B and E at her home. There’s an instant attraction between them despite the situation. The story is a happily-ever-after feel-good read where everyone gets a second chance.

Your book features a special four-footed secondary character, an Irish setter named Rover.

Setters are beautiful dogs and Rover is a sweetheart. What woman doesn’t love a story about a hunky cop? But readers will fall in love with Rover, too, and 50% of my royalties will be donated to Humane Society shelters. By the way, I loved Bren’s story in Relentless, Book One in your Fallon Sisters Trilogy, Ms. O’Dwyer, and I commend you for sharing a portion of your royalties from that book with horse rescue operations.

Thank you, Brenda. So why adopt a rescue dog?

Often you’re saving the animal’s life by providing it with new hope in a furever home. (Notice the spelling?) Many pets become homeless due to owner allergies, abuse and neglect, family moves, lack of forethought by the original owner.

Who wouldn’t want to adopt one of these guys?

What’s the first step in the pet adoption process?

Potential adopters must ask themselves—will I be a responsible pet owner. You must ensure your pet is spayed or neutered and provided with ID such as a microchip or tattoo.  Also you must provide basic care: food, water, shelter, vet care, exercise, grooming and nail care, and licensing.  Other considerations are your lifestyle and living arrangements, spending time with the pet, alternate care such as a boarding facility, and of course handling all the costs of a pet. Pet care is a huge responsibility, and the decision to adopt shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Once you’ve made the decision and are committed, what are the procedures for adopting from a rescue shelter?

Humane Society shelter rules and procedures are pretty standard. Animals are never adopted as a gift. Gift certificates can be given and the new owner will choose their own animal. All pets must be spayed or neutered and provided with ID such as a tattoo. All owners must be at least 18 years of age with no documented history of animal abuse or neglect. An animal will not be adopted to an intoxicated person. Proof of current address must be provided, and renters must provide proof of permission to house a pet from a landlord. These are just a few requirements, but each facility will have similar policies.

So, if the potential owner meets all the criteria, then what?

Then the process begins with the new owner researching the type of pet they want, such as a specific breed of dog or cat that best suits them and their family. A pre-adoption application form, landlord permission form, and questionnaire and/or survey will be completed.  Once approved, the owner should take sufficient time to meet a potential pet he or she is considering.  The adoption process can take a few hours, and you should enjoy the experience and not be rushed. Staff will share pet history, if known. And most shelters will provide a list of estimated annual costs for your pet. Fees can be paid by cash, debit, or credit cards. Check your local shelter, if you’ve decided you want a new pet.

Anything else we should know?

The shelters want your adoption to start out on a positive note.  They will provide first vaccines and deworming for puppies and kittens, a health exam for all animals, spay/neuter surgery and microchip or tattoo, complimentary health exam at a vet, information on how to care for your pet and optional pet insurance.  Shelter staff will discuss obedience classes and other programs they feel would benefit you and your pet. Larger facilities will have more programs available than smaller shelters, of course.

So adopting is quite a serious matter.

Yes, shelters don’t want the animals coming back. But for whatever reason, if the adoption doesn’t work out, by all means, please return the pet to the shelter at no cost or penalty so another person can adopt the animal.

Thank you for sharing all this valuable information with us.

You’re welcome. Like the heroine in my story discovered, providing a rescue animal with a forever home can be exciting and rewarding for both you and your pet.  Once the animal learns a routine and feels welcome, safe, and loved in his new environment, he’ll bond with his new owner and they will share years of happiness together.

I believe a house isn’t a home without a dog or a cat or some family pet.

Thank you for dropping by today.

You’re welcome. I’m hoping some deserving pets are adopted because of my visit with you. Anyone leaving a comment will be entered to win one of ten digital copies of my book When Dreams Collide, the sequel to A Bandit Creek Miracle, at the end of this blog tour. Winners to be drawn on March 15th. And check out the special ‘Irish Day’ blog post on my website on March 17th.

Find Love To The Rescue in Ebook and Large Print version on Amazon

If anyone has rescued a dog or cat, please email me your pet’s story with permission to post it on my website.  Email stories to Please check out my website to read my dog Beau’s story and other rescue stories at You can also find me on Facebook at brendasinclairauthor and Twitter @bsinclairauthor.

The next stop on the LOVE TO THE RESCUE BLOG TOUR is a Pit Stop at Brenda’s own website tomorrow, Wednesday March 6, 2013 where she’ll reveal the story about the book’s name change. Then on Thursday March 7, 2013 Brenda will discuss ways shelter staff cope when working with abused animals at Happy Tails and Trails.

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