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We’ve got some exciting news, here, on author P. J. O’Dwyer’s Blog!

Starting Monday, July 13, 2015, which is less than two weeks away, the blog is going to be dedicated to helping horse rescues from around the globe with their mission of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming/adoption.

Each week we will feature a horse in need of its forever home. During that week you’ll get to learn about the horse, its history, and the rescue that is caring for this special equine. We’ll have giveaways, interviews, videos, and special offers on books and jewelry, too.

Additionally, P. J. will be doing her part to lend a hand by donating a portion of all sales that week to the featured horse rescue to assist in their lifework.  And you’ll be directly responsible for helping, as well. You can bolster our efforts by spreading the word through social media to your horse-loving family and friends.  The more that’s purchased during those seven days, the more donations a rescue will receive by P. J. on behalf of her fans.

But it gets even better. We’re not just raising money; we’re raising awareness, too, and, hopefully, finding that perfect match of human and horse. In the end, our true goal is to find a place for our featured horse to call home. And social media is the ideal platform to get our message to the masses.

So stay tuned . . .

Our first Rescue Horse of the Week will be featured the week of July 13-19!


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