Help a Horse Rescue…

RELENTLESS, the first book in the Fallon Sisters Trilogy, tackles the controversial and often heated debate of horse slaughter.

Writing a story that is relevant to our time is a precious opportunity. This story, Bren’s story, although fiction, represents the struggles that horse rescues and animal activists face each day advocating for the protection and humane treatment of horses and other equines that suffer from ignorance, neglect, and the most dreaded of all, kill buyers and the horse slaughter industry.

It has become more than a story line for P.J. O’Dwyer. Having a love and respect for animals, she felt compelled to assist this noble cause.

In an effort to support horse rescue organizations and their mission of rescue, rehabilitation, and education, she is  donating a portion of all Fallon Sister Trilogy book sales, purchased through or the publishing house of Black Siren Books, to horse rescue.

Be sure to review the list of participating horse rescue affiliates and enter the Horse Rescue Affiliate Code of your choice when you check out.

You can also contact your state representative and ask them to say no to slaughter and to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011: SB 1176/H.R. 2966.

With your continued support, we can make a difference, and hopefully, end over-breeding, abuse and neglect, and the most horrific means of dealing with these overwhelming problems—horse slaughter.