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P. J.’s writing course leaves others in the dust—dynamic, engaging, informative learning for the inspiring author or the seasoned writer. More than just a class in the mechanics of writing, her style and charisma will motivate you to dream big and write with passion.

—Clint Jullens

Looking to check “novelist” off your bucket list? Award-winning romantic suspense author  P. J. O’Dwyer will guide you through the steps of writing your novel in Part  One: Writing Fiction, the first in a three-part series entitled “The Power of Three: Writing, Self-Publishing, and Marketing Your Fiction.” This course is  designed for beginners and those invested in finishing their current  manuscript.

If you’re not sure where to begin or you’re having trouble  finishing that novel, P. J. will share an exciting and easy system to write and complete that  story waiting to be put into words. Grab your readers from the first page and  keep them engaged until the end with techniques P. J. will teach on crafting  effective dialogue, dynamic characters, and believable description and setting.

Critique is a must. In this six-week course, you will have the opportunity to  share your story through critique and learn the do’s and don’ts of giving and  receiving unbiased opinions, as well as how to use those critique comments of your  our own work to strengthen your writing. In the end, you’ll have the skillset  to complete a manuscript and turn it into a finished novel.


P. J.’s course for aspiring fiction writers, “The Power of Three,” has provided me with the tools to pursue my love of writing with a confidence that was lacking before.  She has a natural, relaxed teaching style that lends itself well to a comfortable environment, and the easy sharing of ideas. Her journey from her first written word to the completion of her first, self-published novel is an inspiration to those of us who dream of doing the same.  She is generous with her time, and genuine in her desire to help aspiring writers improve their skills and market their work. I recommend her course to anyone who has a story they wish to tell.

—Kim Hamilton



  • You will learn the three-step method of self-taught fiction writing and be able to implement these methods to strengthen your writing.
  • Discover what works best for you, outline or free-flow writing.
  • Understand the importance of plot and structure, including chapter and story arcs.
  • From the opening of your novel, you will learn how to grab your readers on the first page and keep them engaged until the end.
  • Craft believable description, setting, and effective dialogue that will keep your readers turning the page.
  • Create dynamic, three-dimensional characters through emotion and viewpoint.
  • Have your work critiqued and improve your own writing by critiquing others.
  • Learn revision and self-editing techniques for transforming your first draft into a finished novel.


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