self publishing artworkSerious about a career in writing?

If you’re frustrated with that growing pile of rejection letters from agents and editors and are ready to create your own destiny in publishing, then Part Two: Self-Publishing Fiction, second of a three-part series entitled “The Power of Three: Writing, Self-publishing, and Marketing Your Fiction,” will give you the tools to succeed. Award-winning romantic suspense author P. J. O’Dwyer will guide you through the stages of self-publishing. She will share with you simple steps in creating your own publishing company from the ground up and the importance of branding.

It’s all in the details, and you will learn the benefits of professional editing and copyediting, appealing covers and interior layouts, and enticing back cover copy that will tempt your readers into purchasing your latest novel. In this class we will also explore how to maximize profits from single title to a series or trilogy.

After all, success is in the numbers. If you enjoy writing, you’ve got more than one story to tell.

The Self-Publication Course is an enormous help to any writer who is struggling with the decision over which path to take: Traditional or Self-Publish.   The instructor provides a comprehensive analysis of the benefits versus cost of both options, and gives a good run down on how to prepare your work for submission either way.  For those who chose self-publication, Ms. Sroka outlined a step-by-step process to follow in order to produce a quality book self-published product which could compete with anything the big New York publishers are putting out.  This course is a must for anyone venturing into the world of Indy publishing.

—Lisa Trovillion


  • You will learn how to create your publishing company from the ground up and the importance of setting it apart with branding.
  • Learn how to create appealing author and publishing company websites.
  • It’s all in the details. Learn how to order ISBN numbers, register your novels with The Library of Congress, and protect your work through copyright.
  • Get it right the first time. Learn the process for choosing an editor and copyeditor that’s right for you and the benefits of a professionally edited novel.
  • Know when to step back from your work: Discover the advantages of allowing others to create an enticing back cover copy that will tempt readers into purchasing your novel.
  • As the editor in chief of your publishing company, the choices are yours. Learn how to make those important decisions, such as choosing the format for your books: trade paper, or hardcover, eBook or all of the above.
  • You’ve got the control. Learn the importance of professionally laid out interior and the creation of attractive covers.
  • Distribution is key. Learn how to start out slow and gain momentum for your titles through Amazon and heavy-hitting distributors such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor.
  • Learn how writing a trilogy or series can create more sales, awareness, and an instant backlist, plus the benefits of back-to-back release dates.

For more information or to register, click on the link below.

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